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  • mtFullSequence are Family Finder ?

    I am a newbie and I took advantage of the sell that the site is having and bought the mtFullSequence and wondering if I should have bought the Family Finder + mtFullSequence as I would like to know if I have Indian blood in my family as my mother always said that her G Grandmother was a full blooded Indian and I am looking for proof.Will the mtFullSequence give me that information are will I have to also buy the Family Finder test.Would love to have some help with information before the sell ends.I took the y-DNA 46 marker test a and transferred to Familytreedna and updated to their 37 marker test.Thank you in advance

    Haplogroups R-M269

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    If your direct maternal lineage was in fact Native American, then all you'd need would be the FMS. However, since you don't have DNA proof of that yet, or if it turns out not to be true, then you'll need FF to provide evidence of Native American admixture. Since you can't cancel orders online, you may want to order the combined test tonight and then call the office tomorrow to cancel the FMS-only order, or call them tomorrow and ask them to change the FMS to the combined.