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    The AbruzzoItaly Project is now the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise Project in order to better represent the historical relationship between these three Italian regions. Anyone who has direct paternal and/or maternal lineage from any of these regions is invited to join us.

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    My mom's results came back but all 880 are Ashkenazi Jew despite her being 25% Abruzzi Italian. Her father was half Abruzzi through his father who came to the US from Casacanditella, Chieti Italy and half Westphalian German (non-Jewish). Her mother was 100% Jewish. Dr. McDonald did her PF sample and came up with approximately 25% Italian/Spanish/So. Italian depending on the different mixes he tried so it is definitely there even if it doesn't show up in her matches.

    Should I still join? I am trying to research the family further than I have. I only know the names of my ggrandparents and that they were also living in Casacanditella Italy. The rumor is that the family surname- P├ęca- is originally from Albania and that they came over around 1500 to avoid being forced to convert to Islam by the Moors. But this is just a rumor.

    I just find it odd that she doesn't have one Italian match. I am thinking of trying to convince her brother to test-YDNA and possibly FF. Would YDNA distinguish between Albania and Abruzzi Italy?



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      Amybeth, send me a join request through the project and I'll put you and anyone else in your situation who wants to join into a special cluster. Have you had a male relative from your grandfather's line test? If so, you can have him join as well.