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YDNA & Unknown parent

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  • YDNA & Unknown parent

    My husband has just had his result to the YDNA 37 markers test, we are trying to find out about his grandfather as he was born illegitimate, what % do we need to match with to get an idea of a surname, is this possible? Being new to all of this any help of advice would be gratefully received. Also he is listed as James, his report/results would not link to this surname what should we do?

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    I assume you are talking about your paternal grandfather. The best test is the Y 67 marker. At 67 markers you should see a better grouping of names. I was adopted and knew nothing about my father's people. With the 67 marker there was no [little] doubt as to who his, and my, people were. The family finder test then placed me with a 2nd cousin and with her help we located my father. Claude


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      One suggestion [ may be two]: read the FTDNA Interpreting Results E book and look over the TIP information for your matches. They will help you understand what this data is all about. Ct


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        37 markers may be enough to determine a surname if you have at least a handful of matches or near matches at that level. I have a relative who has four zero or one step matches at 37 markers that share his surname. That is fairly good proof.

        I start to see other surnames at GD's of two or more but that is to be expected since we're moving further back in time as the genetic distance increases and at some point an NPE or movement beyond the common use of surnames is pretty much inevitable.