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How sensitive is the DNA test? (Re: swab physical test)

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  • How sensitive is the DNA test? (Re: swab physical test)

    My mother has taken the test but did not read the instructions beforehand.

    She rubbed the applicator on the inside of her lip for about 10-20 seconds if that - not pressing the serrated side firmly onto her lip. (She said she'd heard that was the best way to test. Oh dear). She took another DNA test years ago where the company provided a cotton bud and said you should test in this way...

    The serrated side was in contact with the inside of her mouth albeit for a short time.

    She did not wait half and hour and repeated the same procedure for the second swab. This time I am not sure she engaged the serrated edge properly and rubbed it all about again for a short period.

    What is the likelihood of a good result? She had not eaten food etc and her mouth was clean etc.

    I really hope that this works...

    Any hope?

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    I think it will be fine. If not, FTDNA will send you another kit to use.


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      She will not test again hence why I am really hoping it has worked.

      She has been looking for her father for a lifetime but has been told that testing is risky in terms of privacy etc.

      How good a sample does it need to be? Guess we can only wait & see and hope for the best.


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        You do not have to waite before doing the next swab it is for the persons own comfort .

        So the 2 nd swab may be better than the 1 st. one.

        You never know who is in the database it is a chance.

        Good Luck