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  • Sephardic

    Hi guys. I was just reading on the other site that Dr. McDonald has Sephardic samples now. Anyone out there that has this ancestry, or thinks that they may have it should see if he will give you a new reading.

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    I sent mine to Dr. Mcdonald two days ago and he has not answered me at all. I'm not one of those who every couple of months is asking for an update. I told him he had done his analysis on my genome some years ago and, since he had new Sephardic data, I was interested. Some time ago, I did send him my Geno 2.0 results, but he said it was not worth it and, since he had already done my 23andMe analysis, there was nothing better there. So he did not do that one, but at least he got back to me with an explanation. Nothing this time.


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      McDonald and Doug

      How do you get this people to analyze your results? Do you need to pay extra?

      I would love someone to check my Sephard background. My results on PopFinder shows zero Spain, but I know my ancestors from Spain, Portugal and Italy. My results do show a 36.66% Mozabite.

      Did a dna tribes test and it shows a lot of middle eastern dots including Non-hasidic Jews from NY, Ashkenazi Jewish Israel and many other population with minuscule fractions, but the ones that shows Zero are Berber and Muslims.