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23/25 Markers in 464a.464b.464c,464d`

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  • 23/25 Markers in 464a.464b.464c,464d`

    I need an explanation of what the meaning is for of a 23/25 marker diffenece in 1 464a and 464c. I have 4 different 23/25 matches, but each has 2 mismatches of 1 each of a 464a, b, c, or d. Marine.

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    Wish someone would answer Marine's query. I am curious about this myself. I understand that some testing groups only "average" the four and give one value.
    Can someone shed some light on this?


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      I recall that marker 464 results as a convention are ranked in ascending order, so 464a is not a specific location.

      Some people have additionally 464e and 464f that other people don't have at all.

      So yoiu should never see a result like 17 16 18 15, this would always be reported as 15, 16, 17, 18 for 464a,b,c, and d respectively.

      This marker is highly variable so it is useful in finding the different brnaches of one line. As always the interpretation of the results depends on other factors like having a matching surname.

      Don't know if this answers the question directly, but hope it helps.


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        My numbers for these markers are 17, 17, 17, 17. I have found NO Harris that matches these numbers. However I have found 14 people named Turner with these numbers, plus the other 21 and 33 markers also match. Obviously the name Turner is not the same as Harris. I think I have found the culprit, but I can find no additional paper documentation on him, so I can't prove that he fits into this particular Turner line. another brick wall.