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    I have used Ancestry DNA test, have been told Family Tree is much better, however cost is high and Im wondering if it would help me further in my search.
    I am female
    my mother was born in Ireland, fostered into a family as a infant, I do have a copy of her original birth cert stating who her parents were and thats where I am stuck. No other information. I dont know if her parents were married as I cannot find any info or even if they died. Hospital wont let me look at records of her birth.
    So would this dna test assist me in any way.
    Now if my brother did the test would it give us any info on my dad's side. His great grandfather seems to be another question. has just disappeared off the face of the earth.
    thanks Lindsey

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    The more places you test the more matches you are going to find. I have matches on FTDNA that I do not have on or 23andMe, and visa versa.

    For maximizing your results and saving money, I would test on 23andMe for $99 and transfer the results to FTDNA for $87. Then you get access to two of the biggest DNA databases for the price of one.

    Your brother should take a y-dna 37 or 67 test to find information on your fathers line. FTDNA is the best place for this type of testing. Then you can join your Haplogroup project.
    For saving money there is no big need for him at this time to test autosomal DNA at this time as it will be similar to, but not the same as yours. But when you get the money for it he will have maches that you will not so it will open you up for more possible matches.


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      One other benefit to testing with FTDNA and 23andMe is that you can download your raw data files. (you cannot do this at Ancestry) Once you have your DNA information that you can upload it on other sites such as is a great place to search matches


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        thanks you

        Thank you for your reply. Maybe Ill use my change jar to pay for this, I didnt realize I could do it a little cheaper. Thanks. Lindsey


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          I agree with Neves that testing with 23&Me and transferring to FTDNA is the best value but Ancestry has just instituted data downloads and FTDNA has promised Ancestry data transfers will be permitted. I expect the transfer cost for Ancestry data will be the same as for 23&Me data. No confirmation yet from FTDNA as to Ancestry transfers or cost.
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