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  • uploading GEDCOM

    I need some help. I am using "Family Tree Maker". Do I upload the whole tree into FTDNA? I have purchased 3 kits. I tried with one but I don't know if it worked. Thank you!

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    You can use your entire Gedcom or just a Gedcom containing the ancestors of the person in question. The latter is all that is actually displayed. FT-DNA should ask whose Gedcom it is, so it knows whose ancestors to display. If it didn't ask, it probably didn't work.

    Using your entire Gedcom will mean that you can upload the same file for each of your kits and just pick a different person as the base for each. I used a Gedcom from FTM, so it should work.


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      I'm yet to upload my gedcom and like others wondering how much to upload, just direct ancestors, direct ancestors and their children, or direct ancestors and their children and collateral lines?

      If you uploaded your entire gedcom, and it was a large gedcom with say 9000 people in it, wouldn't your list of surnames then be propagated with possibly some hundred or more surnames and some thousands of people that wouldn't really be relevant or needed in the database?


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        GEDCOMs from Family Tree Maker

        vbeegle, you won't be uploading the entire tree, but just the GEDCOM.

        In Family Tree Maker, from the File menu, choose Export. Then choose Selected Individuals and then Ancestors. (Your home person should be highlighted or you can type the name in.) Be sure to choose the correct Output Format (GEDCOM 5.5). Then you can choose to privatize living people, or you can let Family Tree DNA do that after upload. Be sure that FTM is using the GEDCOM format when it saves your new file, and I usually save it to the desktop so I will know where it is when I try to direct Family Tree DNA to it. It took me a few times to get this accomplished satisfactorily!


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          Originally posted by AECrowell View Post
          Then you can choose to privatize living people, or you can let Family Tree DNA do that after upload.
          Between those two options, I choose the first.

          That way I don't risk exposure of private data due to a glitch at FTDNA.


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            Thank you for replying