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  • X-STRs

    Is it possible to order X-STR panels yet (or anymore)? I'm able to order "X-STR Markers Panel 1" for a new kit through my project admin page (at least I assume I can order it—I haven't tried putting an order all the way through), but there doesn't appear to be any way to do it from a regular customer's standpoint.

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    I'm curious why you want them since so few people have tested them and there does not appear to be any info on the markers details.

    Anyway I can order individual STRs:

    And pick "X-STR" under "Test Type"

    X-STR DXS10011 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10066 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10067 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10068 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10069 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10131 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10074 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10075 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10077 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10079 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS10132 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS6807 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS7132 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS7423 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS8377 $10.00 Add
    X-STR DXS981 $10.00 Add
    X-STR HPRTB $10.00 Add


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      I no longer see an option to buy panels from my home page, only individual X STR's, and X STR's are only offered as a Specialty Testing option from FTDNA main pages.

      If the account has Family Finder results, the FF Raw Data includes thousands of X SNP's that may be employed on Gedmatch - coverage far superior to the 16 or so X STR's formerly offered in panels.

      I suppose if one wishes to compare to existing X STR results there is no substitute but I have doubts as to the genealogical relevance of X STR's - back in the day I matched a user on three X STR's in LD but the match did not hold when we both had X SNP results to compare.