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  • Overwhelmed - which tests?

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to all this and despite reading everything I can, I'm feeling rather overwhelmed.

    I would like to get my DNA looked at on 4 levels and I don't know which test(s) to order. I think the first 2 levels are probably easier to identify (geographical provenance and Jewish ancestry?) but the second two need further comment.

    The family genealogist recently passed away but had claimed, like I'm sure thousands of others have, that we are related to Mary Queen of Scots. Is her DNA code on file somewhere and is it possible to get a comparison test? If so, where?

    The final level for me is a rare autoimmune disease. Research has indicated that there are 4 gene markers for it and I'd like to be tested for that too but as it's rare, it would have to be a custom test. Can anyone recommend a lab for this? I'm in London UK but am happy to use labs worldwide as necessary. USA for example looks generally more affordable for a start

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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    I am also in the UK and have had no trouble using US testing companies.

    Other than ultimately everyone is related to everyone if you go back far enough there is not a DNA test that can currently tell you if you are descended from Mary Queen of Scots. An MTDNA test might tell if you and Mary have a common direct maternal ancestor someone within the last few thousand years IF Mary’s MTDNA is known from known direct female line descendants. The timescale is probably to long ago to have any meaningful results from FTDNA’s Family Finder test.

    In terms of the medical data you might enquire with a company called 23 and Me. I don’t know if their test would include the exact condition you want info on.


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      The Family Finder test would give you a good indication of geographical provenance and Jewish ancestry. There is no 'Jewish gene' but the amount of Jewish matches you get would be a good indicator.

      Out of the 7 family members who have taken the test in my immediate family only my father in law has more than a handful of Jewish matches but still not many. From his results it's not clear if he has some Jewish ancestry or if his Jewish matches share some of his non-Jewish ancestry. Obviously if most of your matches came through as Jewish that’s a more clear indicator.


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        Yes, the 23&Me test is best. They sample more markers than anyone at the lowest price (99US) and you can transfer their data to FamilyTree (89US) for exposure to another community of users. They will give you a decent subclade assignment for your direct maternal line (mtDNA) and, if you are male, the same for your paternal line (Y).

        As Earl Davis wrote, they offer a health analysis of your date. They also have several well-regarded tools for ancestry.

        You can get a Demo account at 23andMe to familiarize yourself with their site before you buy.


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          Mary Queen of Scots was a Tudor, no? Didn't I read somewhere about Tudor DNA? I don't remember.

          As far as the autoimmune gene, you should check with 23andme that this is one of the genes they screen for. Not all health affecting genes are part of the screening.


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            I thought I would never say this but: Definitely go with 23 and Me. A top priority for you seems to be a health issue and they are well known for giving wonderful, useful and reliable health information. My family had a health scare a while back and we literally paid out hundreds for genetic testing of one or two conditions with others (including Mayo Clinic). Now 23 and Me tests for many conditions + ancestry composition, etc. all for $99! That company gets your results back to you much faster than the other DNA companies too.

            By the way, the health results we got back were in much more detail from 23 and Me than the others we tested with over our concerns.


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              Thank you all so much for the replies.

              I checked with 23andme and my autoimmune disease is actually listed, which was a surprise but welcome relief.

              I have ordered their kit, which at 99$ US seems like a bargain, but their postage at 79$ is rather steep. However, even with postage, it still looks like better value than anything currently offered in UK.

              I look forward to getting some answers and being able to participate more fully in the forum.


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                Those interested in getting health info from these test should check out Promethease. It works with either FTDNA or 23andMe data but the 23andMe test provides more health-relevant SNPS