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    I should add that although I cannot see any mtDNA results in myFTDNA for haplogroup or Ancestral Origins, the project administrator for my haplogroup project emailed me to tell me that my kit results showed up on the results page "with some generic HVR1 mutations and no subclade or even haplogroup designation." Currently I do not see even any mutations.

    Similarly, my father's mtDNA doesn't show in myFTDNA, and the project page for his haplogroup shows the kit #, ancestor name, but no haplogroup or mutation info.

    It's very confusing.


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      Originally posted by KATM View Post
      efgen, I had transferred both my and my father's Geno 2.0 results in Dec., and no mtDNA haplogroup or Ancestral Origin info has ever shown up.
      Sorry, my mistake, I should have written Haplogroup Origins (not Ancestral Origins).

      However, your mtDNA haplogroup absolutely should be displayed in your account, on the new Dashboard (myFTDNA homepage). There was some confusion initially about what would or wouldn't be displayed for mtDNA, so perhaps you had emailed the helpdesk early on, before they knew the haplogroup should show?

      If you're still not seeing your haplogroup on your dashboard now, please contact the helpdesk again so that they can report the issue to IT. There seems to still be a few lingering issues with the mtDNA haplogroups displaying, and they're being fixed as they are reported.



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        efgen, that's right, I do not see the mtDNA haplogroup for either myself, or my father in his account. I will re-contact the help desk and report it. Dad's account does show a Y-haplogroup "badge" graphic.

        Thank you for the advice.


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          Originally posted by vinnie View Post
          DITTO - but I also now have my mtDNA Haplogroup Origins showing up in my y account. Tomcat, are yours there too?
          I transferred my Geno2.0 results to my FTDNA Y account (for the sake of the Y SNP's) and now the Geno2.0 Mt haplo assignment appears on my FTDNA Y page.

          Others, with pre-existing FTDNA mtDNA assignments based on HVR, report they do not find the more advanced Geno2.0 mtDNA subclade assignments get posted.
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            Originally posted by efgen View Post
            Actually, mtDNA results *can* be transferred from Geno2.0, but you only get the haplogroup and Ancestral Origins information -- no matches. Geno2.0 tests only haplogroup-defining SNPs, while complete HVR1, HVR2 and/or Coding Region results are needed for genealogical matching.
            This is odd, as on my FTDNA Y page that now displays mtDNA as well, after I transferred my Geno2.0 Y data to it, I have a bunch of matches to mtDNA that do not appear on my FTDNA mtDNA page that harbors my FMS.

            The mtDNA matches from my Y page, listed under Haplogroup Origin, range from 1 to 5 steps distant, there is no contact option and no map. I am not able to select coverage, all matches are listed as HVR 1&2 and Coding Region. Useless but interesting.

            I suppose these matches results from other Geno test-takers who elected to transfer to FTDNA.
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              efgen & all,
              I received a response from the help desk. After the usual
              "The only information that would have been transferred would be found under the mtDNA>Haplogroup Origins section of your FTDNA profile. Since you do not have any mtDNA matches with our database, you do not have any information at this time."
              they also said
              "The data-set for mtDNA is not compatible with FTDNA. The mtDNA portion of the Geno 2.0 test is run on a chip, whereas FTDNA must individually sequence strands of your mitochondrial DNA. It is possible this information will be transferable in the future."

              I guess that gives me a bit of hope for later. There was no indication of any lingering issues about displaying the mtDNA haplogroups now.

              Unlike tomcat, I did not have any existing accounts on FTDNA when I transferred the Geno 2.0 results. My father's Y-DNA haplogroup (FTDNA interpretation) shows, but neither of our mtDNA haplogroups show (no change).

              Thanks, everyone, for the input. I didn't mean to sidetrack this thread off topic.


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                I worry that some will not meet the threshold as a match at FTDNA

                i.e. here are is a comparison for the same person!

                Chr/ From - To/ cM/ SNPs

                9 78976654 - 83495552 9.03 1279 FTDNA
                9 78000000 - 83000000 6.6 1203 23andMe


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                  MtDNA displayed

                  I brought this up a couple of weeks ago and have gotten conflicting answers and I wrote Geno again and attached the FTdna answer. I just received this not from Geno:
                  mtDNA haplogroup origin information should be displayed on my FTDNA page. If that information is not displaying it would be a FTDNA IT issue.
                  I guess one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing?
                  I know my husband has not had the full testing (I dont expect matches) but he does have an account here at FTDNA and I paid for the Geno testing which was transferred and I want his mtDNA displayed. They don't trust Genos results? They don't have to run another test...Just display.


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                    Originally posted by auntsha View Post
                    They don't trust Genos results? They don't have to run another test...Just display.
                    The $199 for the Geno 2.0 test is not enough.
                    Perhaps FTDNA wants another $199 from your husband to test mtDNA FMS?


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                      Geno Transfer

                      BINGO is right! That is exactly what they want and it is not happening. I have tested husband and thee children, my son-in-law and have two other test bought to see if my in laws will test. My husband should have his information displayed and my children since testing has proven they are "ours" should have haplogroups displayed also. There is no reason to have us all retested for the same information.


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                        Originally posted by auntsha View Post
                        I know my husband has not had the full testing (I dont expect matches) but he does have an account here at FTDNA and I paid for the Geno testing which was transferred and I want his mtDNA displayed. They don't trust Genos results? They don't have to run another test...Just display.
                        The mtDNA haplogroup is definitely supposed to display when you transfer from Geno2.0 -- I transferred my brother's results, and his does display. So if yours isn't displaying, it's definitely a technical glitch that IT will need to fix.

                        As I mentioned previously in this thread, there was some confusion early on about what mtDNA info would be displayed for Geno2.0 transfers, so perhaps some of the support staff didn't get the updated information.

                        auntsha, KATM, and anyone else missing the mtDNA haplogroup:

                        Would you please send me a private forum message with your kit number(s) that are affected? I will send your info to both the customer service supervisor and IT on Monday to ensure that they are aware of this issue and can finally get it resolved.