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    Has anybody tried DNA Consultants? If so please post them on this thread. Thanks!

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    This company uses CODIS markers in an attempt to predict ancestry. CODIS markers are typically used by law enforcement to match DNA found at a crime scene. Good for catching the bad guy- not good for predicting their ancestry.


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      DNA Consultants

      The reason why I asked is because I tested with them and I got strange results like Romani as my top result. Even though there are no records proving that I have Gypsy ancestry, or maybe my relatives kept it a secret. Also DNA Consultants says that Romani can sometimes be confused with Jewish results. I know I have some Jewish ancestry because I have records to prove it. Which I find that strange because I thought that most Romani people have North Indian ancestry. And also DNA Consultants says that most Ashkenazi Jews have some Tartar/Khazar ancestry in them. Would anybody like to share their opinions on this thread? Thanks!


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        Hard for me to know if you have a Romani connection or not with out knowing more information about your family history.
        There were more Colonial American Romani here then anyone really knew about, so if you have Colonial family's, any number of them could help explain your test result.

        To date the vast majority of Colonial Amerian Romani who were specifically Romanichal's of England and Scotland are dominately found from Virginia and South Carolina late 1600's - early to mid 1700's era.

        Bailey of Virginia and South Carolina are Scottish Romanichal's
        Campbell of Arkansas 1800 appear to be Scottish Romanichal's.
        Ingram of Pittsylvania County Virginia are British Romanichal's
        Lock of Maryland to Virginia to Kentucky are British Romanichal's
        All 4 family's are in Y Haplo Group H1a which is South Asian in origin.
        And there are more but those are the best examples of some of the Colonials being Romani, specifically of the Romanichal vitsa "clan" of England and Scotland.

        The Scottish and British convict records very clearly spell it out, both nations transported Romani to New York, Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland 1600's - 1700's era. Not all remained in the American Colonies, some served out their punishment and returned home, but those with a life sentance remained here in the Colonies.

        Here is some of the more common Romanichal family surnames which you can check your family tree for to see if you can find some of the surnames in your tree. Lock / Locke, Smith, Boswell / Boss, Lee, Stanley, Bailey, Gray, Cooper, Ayres, Burton among many other surnames.


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          Unfortunately there are a number of online DNA testing sites that use CODIS markers. All of them advertise that they use "special algorithms" to determine your ancestry. Most of them are bogus or at least highly suspect.
          You should do yourself a very big favor before believing any of these results. Get tested somewhere more legitimate. Right now 23andme has an advertised very low price. Or use the Family Finder tests offered here.


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            DNA Consultants

            They also claim they are an ISO-accredited DNA test company. And how come they are the only DNA testing company that claims that most Ashkenazi Jews have some Tatar/Khazar ancestry in them? Would anybody like to share their thoughts on this? Thanks!


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              Jewish DNA study

              See here for recent study related to your topic..


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                And see this thread for a discussion of the paper cited above.