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    I tested 67 marker STR and I got assigned to haplogroup J1, in the haplogroup origins page, which I really doubt, do you think I should go for SNP? will that confirm the haplogroup. Is possible that I will get a different results for haplogroup or SNP will only provide more details of the same haplogroup J1? I will appreciate your help, or if any one went through the same expierence and got different results.

    Thanks all

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    Remember, your Haplogroup indicates your paternal origin 1,000s of years ago.

    Look at your advanced matches. What Haplogroups are shown for them? Are you in a surname project where you can compare your results to other members? What Haplogroups are shown for them?

    There is a J Haplogroup project. Have you joined it? Have you looked at their results at to see if you match anyone there.

    The project admin might be able to suggest a SNP or two to help you determine a deeper Haplogroup.

    You could order a Deep Clade test or the Geno 2.0 test.


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      I have no data that after testing SNP's the top level Haplogroup has been changed.
      The SNP testing only gives deeper insight of the branches of the Haplogroup. Testing with NG my father was identified as J1 (J-M267). With deep clade testing he was assigned J1c3d (J-L147.1)


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        I am a J1c3d [J L1471.1] and I am curious why you seriously doubt that you are J1 What are your reasons?
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