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White Savery and dna results

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  • White Savery and dna results

    i have dennings in chelsea with west indies as birth location. here is an example
    William [col] [email protected] indies 22 Sep 1894 @48brain desease 180 spencer ave
    Carlon is the name of my gggggrand ma in chelsea
    well what does this mean ? as the web page indicates irish and scots were brought to slavery in mas and america but also to the west indies. sold into slavery or just their in barbadoes they wed black women also slaves. their children would different shades of brown. some married whites maybe as melugions in the Appalachians or staying in the indies.

    but one thing is constant they have the ydna of the scot or irish father. So a black man tests he assumes a slave master raped his gggrandmom. lol maybe that wasnt the case. these males would still be r1h or r1b and match people with the same surname

    i think this is a much larger situation then people think. The thought that whites were slaves isnt excepted today. but it happened