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    Thank you everybody for your help. I've got the GEDCOM files and Family Tree Maker files. Unlinked and unsynced. After seeing mom's six years of work, all I can say is wow. And it is all documented.
    Thanks again, Joe


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      "Classic" family tree designation

      For some time now, I have felt that should have a "classic" designation for well-researched trees whose authors have passed away. In other words, the tree in the account could not be changed (after relatives have made copies of it, of course). It seems to me to be labeled classic would honor the author and stop errors from being added. If new information came to light, a note might be added but the original tree remains intact.

      Even in our family, it is only a first cousin and myself (senior and near-senior citzens) who take any deep interest in this type of thing. I sometimes wonder about the people who will email us (after our deaths) and get no reply.