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How can I find my mother find her GI father through DNA?

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  • Paperblank
    Thank you very much. Really helpful and useful.

    We are not certain that we have the right person - that the person testing is my mother's half sibling.

    If we have not got the right person what then is the best course of action?

    Is there anything we can do to try to effectively isolate the DNA that has come from my mother's father from my DNA sample?

    Will testing other members of my family help? For example if my father tested any DNA we shared would only come from his line (we are trying to identify my maternal grandfather and my mother her father).

    Would testing a cousin on my mother's mother's side help at all?

    Thanks once more. We appreciate it.

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  • tomcat
    If the half-sibling is your half-uncle or half-aunt, he or she would resemble you, on average, 12.5%, or the equivalent of a close cousin. If that proves-out -

    If the half-sibling of the same father and different mother is male he would carry the Y of the father. He should be tested via FamilyTreeDNA for Y-67 or Y-111 STR's and then enrolled in the appropriate surname, lineage and geographical projects.

    If the half-sibling of the same father and different mother is female she would carry the X of the father that would be identical to one of your mother's X's. I believe the X of your mother and her half-sister can be phased, separated, through Gedmatch where the paternal X can be matched to others in the Gedmatch database. FTDNA doesn't do anything with X but 23&Me does do ancestry estimation and segment matching for X. You might consider testing your mother and her half-sister through 23&Me.
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  • katerennie4
    If you already have a known child (your predicted half aunt/uncle) testing, it will be very clear whether or not that's your relationship. And assuming the two of you don't share any other common ancestors, any DNA you share will be due to your mother's father.

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  • How can I find my mother find her GI father through DNA?

    Briefly my mother has been searching for her father for 50 years. We have opted to do the Family Finder test and are waiting for the results.

    We have a surname but it hasn't checked out and have identified a potential half sibling (same father different mother) who has also kindly agreed to test. I am told that their results will likely correlate to me even though they'd not be my half sibling should there be a connection?

    I know we can't isolate DNA that came from the father but is there anything we can do to begin to build a picture/identify DNA that most likely came from the father? For example testing relatives on mother's side - if they share DNA with me the DNA they share will only have come from mother's side.

    Lastly I am testing (mother's daughter) rather than my mother and I realise this makes the connection to the father's side less strong and isn't ideal. Hopefully in time my mother will test too.

    We have an idea of where the father may have come from so if this shows up in the heritage test that will be interesting.

    Is there anything else we can do or other companies I should test with to begin to build the best picture we can? Please let me know.

    Also can blood group tell us anything useful - I think not. We don't know the mother's blood type.