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How can I find my mother find her GI father through DNA?

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    I apologize for my error.


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      Searching for GI father

      Originally posted by Paperblank View Post
      Briefly my mother has been searching for her father for 50 years. We have opted to do the Family Finder test and are waiting for the results.

      We have a surname but it hasn't checked out and have identified a potential half sibling (same father different mother) who has also kindly agreed to test. I am told that their results will likely correlate to me even though they'd not be my half sibling should there be a connection?

      I know we can't isolate DNA that came from the father but is there anything we can do to begin to build a picture/identify DNA that most likely came from the father? For example testing relatives on mother's side - if they share DNA with me the DNA they share will only have come from mother's side.

      Lastly I am testing (mother's daughter) rather than my mother and I realise this makes the connection to the father's side less strong and isn't ideal. Hopefully in time my mother will test too.

      We have an idea of where the father may have come from so if this shows up in the heritage test that will be interesting.

      Is there anything else we can do or other companies I should test with to begin to build the best picture we can? Please let me know.

      Also can blood group tell us anything useful - I think not. We don't know the mother's blood type.
      I have two accounts searching for unknown fathers and one searching for GI father. Unfortunately, her mother is deceased. I have tried to understand all this phasing stuff to no avail and my only hope is that 23andMe will help with the X sooner than later.

      From contacts there are many searching for unknown fathers or mothers so you are not alone and as technology is moving at a fast pace perhaps the DNA wil be able to answer that question. The only problem with that is that both sides of family members have to test to get desired response and many people are still reluctant . Good luck in your search. Lookin2


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        This is a failry recent addition to Ancestry's site. I have found many relatives here in the last yer or so: U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010.
        This index contains birth and death dates for more than 14 million veterans and VA beneficiaries who died between the years 1850 and 2010. The majority of information in the index comes from the BIRLS (Beneficiary Identification Records Locater Subsystem) Death File; however, the veteran's name has been added by cross-referencing the Social Security Number in the BIRLS Death File with the Social Security Death Index. No names were provided directly in the BIRLS Death File.

        What’s in the Records

        The BIRLS (Beneficiary Identification Records Locator Subsystem) Death File is a Veterans Benefits Administration database that lists information for deceased individuals who had received benefits from the Veterans Administration while they were alive. These include veterans who received educational benefits and veterans’ survivors who applied for benefits. Details listed in the index can include

        name (provided by cross-referencing the Social Security Number with the Social Security Death Index)
        birth date
        death dates
        Social Security Number
        cause of death (unknown, natural, combat, other)
        branch(es) of service
        enlistment date(s)
        release date(s)


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          I was an enlisted GI for twenty years, the first ten being a downright rogue. I may have fathered a child or two, and would be happy to acknowledge my paternity if proven by DNA testing. On the other hand, females were known to accuse paternity to a guy who she would like to be the father; not who really was the father. Anyway, my DNA is public, and I am not ashamed of my long range pedigree. Any biological offspring is welcome to join my tree.
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