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    I've pretty much got all my results in now, and, to me, are pretty interesting.

    YDNA I2a2 Din S (old style), I M423+ L621+ L147.2+ ( new style)
    A surprise, as I can, with certainty, trace my father's line to 1780s Cambridgeshire, England, no connection that I can trace to Boznia Hertzogovnia.

    mtDNA HV0e, which is interesting in deep time, but no help to my genealogy.

    Population Finder, Orcadian 91.43% +- 2.52%, Palistinian, Adygei, Bedouin, Bedouin South, Druze, Iranian, Jewish, Mozabite 8.57% +-2.52%
    Which was gold as it proved the family story about my mum's Jewish great grandmother.

    Family Finder has uncovered some very distant cousins in North America.

    Now what, I've joined the appropriate haplogroup projects, I've read far and wide on the Internet, which has revealed some pretty scary people with an agenda. Done Ysearch, mitosearch. GEDmatch is a problem as I work on an iPad.

    I am doing Geno 2.0 in the new year, as I'm interested in my deep heritage, but genealogy wise, where to now.