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Problem since the new infinite alles update

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  • Problem since the new infinite alles update

    I'm working with the FTDNA help desk on this but thought I would share in case others might have similiar issue.

    It appears that what I see and what the help desk see as it pertains to y-dna matches isn't the same.

    At the y dna 25 marker level, I haven't seen any difference in my matches since the update...only 1 exact match. However, helpdesk is seeing 14 exact matches. Helpdesk is also seeing 183 exact and 1 step matches. I only see 14.

    Since the update I can no longer see any 37 marker matches. I used to see 74 of them at the 6-7 step range. One would think that I should see more matches, instead of none.

    Also I've noted that the new TiP function is saying some strange things. I've now got a match, Mr. B, with 98.93% match at 67 markers at 24 generations. This match wasn't remotely close in the previous TiP version and are at GD of 14 when I use site in FTDNA infinite alles mode.

    Another match, Mr. G, is now 98.62% at 67 markers, at 24 generations. Mr G was my best match in the previous TiP version at 77.51%. Mr G. has a GD of 9 using the site in FTDNA infinite alles mode.

    Mr B. has a slightly better TiP match (98.93% vs 98.62%) with the new version, but has a 5 greater infinite alles Genetic Distance from me than Mr G (14 vs 9). Something doesn't seem right.

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    There us definitely something wrong with the new method. I have an example of GD calculations for 4 people at 111 markers which don't add up to what they should using FTDNA's explanation. It has been sent to FTDNA IT who said they will work on a fix.