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Weird email from FTNDA

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  • Weird email from FTNDA

    Tonight I received a weird email. Here is how it starts

    Y-DNA haplogroup Deep Clade test results have been posted for kit -------, . If you ordered additional tests (of a different type), you will be notified separately when those tests are complete.

    I took my kit number out of the message, but I never ordered any tests. I went to my "Results" page and there are no new test results on there. I would not order any Y-DNA tests. I'm hoping whoever they have me mixed up with, they will correct it. Must have mixed up the kit number in the email. Weird.

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    OK saw the other thread

    Saw the other thread on this issue. Glad it's a glitch and hope they get it fixed soon!


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      I got an e-mail from a match about jobs. I copied and pasted the link and it took me to a page that i didn't even read. but after that others were emailing me that my e-mail had been hacked and I was getting a bunch of Failure notices for e-mails I never sent.