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16368C and 16519C??

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  • 16368C and 16519C??

    This is my first time posting and I do hope someone can help me to understand a couple of things. I am in halogroup L2, with mutations of:

    16223T, 16278T, 16294T, 16309G, 16368C, 16390A and 16519C

    I am just starting to get a little feeling for this but would appreciate it very much of someone can point me into a direction to understand what mutations are, why are some more rare, does one need to have all mutations to be classified in a sub halotype/sub group, what happens when most say one group and other mutations tend towards somewhere else? Are African halogroups only shown a "Eve", please forgive the questions as I see so many female names from everywhere, except Africa.

    Also what does it mean when you have a low resolution matches (HVR1) and each person is from a different continent (Africa...west and Europe...Sweden), that is my one match? Thanks in advance


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    Hello Cousin

    Dear Nuradine,

    Just wanted to let you know that you and I have 3 matches: 223T, 390A, and 519C. I am new to this particular aspect of geneology as well, so am still getting information on what these numbers mean.

    I was told I was N1b; the Oxford Ancestors site appears to indicate 223T is the usual marker for the clan mother Xenia (one of the earlier 'daughters' of the African Eve). This line comes from the L3 group, which branched up into the Caucasus area and then west and east (the M haplogroup).

    The more variations you have in your sequence, the older your matrilineage supposedly is (i.e. your line has been mutating longer) -- so you must be an "older sister" with seven variations versus my six! I think the most variations listed was 14..

    Only about 5% of Europeans are N1b, though it appears in greater percentages among Eastern European Jewish (Ashkenazi) populations (still only 10%).

    223T is, however, mentioned as a defining motif for a number of the clans including some African, East Asian, and American. A variation at 294 (294T) is associated with the clan mother Tara.

    Hope this is useful!

    Best wishes on your search...