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    Originally posted by Shari
    Oh Goodness,

    If the straight forward DNA was hard enough to all this.

    Say,,, right now all I know is I am H-13 with the refined test...with the added numbers and from what little I can find about it makes me Italian on Mom's side.
    However my mother's direct line is Acadian French. The only loose cannon so to speak is my Grandfather. We do not know where he came from? Only thing I do know is he had dark Olive skin, jet black hair. There were rumors that he was from Italy...or maybe Native American.

    So if this true,,,my mother may be picking up DNA genes from her father's side?
    As others have noted, mtDNA heteroplasmy is very rare. But if your mother were heteroplasmic (had mtDNA that combined her parents' mtDNA) you would have the same heteroplasmy. Some have suggested here that you alone are heteroplasmic - that your mtDNA combines the mtDNA of your parents.

    To test for paternally derived mtDNA heteroplasmy you need to test your father or a paternal uncle or paternal aunt or a cousin of that aunt - any other descendant with the mtDNA of your father's mother to see if any of the markers of that mtDNA line are part of your mtDNA.

    You might also post FTDNA to have them check your results and/or confirm your results via another mtDNA test - via another lab!