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    AncestryDNA Matches

    Note on Ancestry:

    " 'Distant cousin' matches (5th cousins or greater) have a lower degree of certainty compared to 3rd and 4th cousins. Even though there is a 50% (or less) chance that you are related, these matches are still good leads."

    With this in mind I suspect many distant matches won't respond!


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      I hate harvesters

      While the subject of AncestryDNA is up again I have to say I'm not a big fan. I have only been able to confirm common ancestors with one match. I've gotten to the point where I don't even check matches on Ancestry anymore.

      All of my 3rd and 4th cousin matches are private and do not respond.
      The rest are distant cousins matches... there is no obvious common ancestor and no tools to help you figure things out. I can't even attach notes to matches to help me remember what I've researched with that match. I have sticky notes all over my desk.

      My biggest annoyance with people at ancestry... There are a huge number of "Harvesters", People who keep themselves private and harvest what they find. I have had so many people that will not return my emails but they alway copy my pictures and other documentation that I have attached to my tree.
      It makes me want to stop attaching information my tree even though I enjoy sharing my information.... Hate them!

      Originally posted by southjerseygeni View Post
      If I have 7 generations born in the US on my mother's direct maternal line (back to 1774), and all of my Father's direct line was born in Quebec, Ca., from 1600's on then how do I tell my ethnicity percentages farther back than those times? Do the tests predict ethnicity past 5 generations back?
      I used to think like you, I have a good paper trail for 6-7 generations of ancestors. According to my tree (7 generations) I am 7/8th British and 1/8th Danish.
      Look at all the different percentages I am getting (in my signature)
      Dr. McDonald says I look all German.
      gedmatch puts me all over the place, I still haven't figured out which one matches me best.

      I am looking forward to my 23andME results as most people agree that they seem to be the most accurate.

      So far FTDNAs PF seems to be the closest match to my recent ancestors
      (IF) you consider British to be Western European and Danish to be European.
      (which is how I am seeing it)
      Geno2 seems to be much deeper ancestry to me.
      AncestryDNA is kind of in between.


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        I'll have to admit being pretty impressed with BOTH FTDNA and AncestryDNA. I have gotten pretty amazing (to me anyway) results from both companies. I also think they both share some problems. From what I can tell, the ethnic labels they both place on people are close to being worthless for those of us of mixed European heritage. I have also been disappointed about the poor response rate from members of both companies. I originally had attached a full pedigree to my FTDNA test results, but eventually deleted them in order to sort of "make" matching persons communicate with me if they wanted to access my information. It does seemed to have improved the response rate. I don't mind sharing my information; I just think it should work both ways.
        I would like to see the companies do something to encourage members to post their pedigrees. Something like a discount coupon for those that agree to post their information for some minimum time period might help.