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  • DNA Print Percentage ?

    My DNA Print Test showed a 10% sub-saharan african. This comes from my mother's side. Can anyone tell me how african my mother and/or grandparents would have to be for this to show up? We are just trying to figure out who is far as we know we are Native American.

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    Christina, I think 10% anything on the DNAPrint test could just be "noise" or within the margin of error. Unless you have some reason to believe otherwise, I would suggest you just ignore it.

    Bill Hurst


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      From what I read, 5% is around the margin of error for a 'false-positive'. I scored 2% Sub saharan African on my DNAprint Test. However, I am part Spanish/Portuguese and Southwest Native American. The Spanish and Portuguese have a history of interaction with African Peoples for centuries. The southwest Native Americans also have some history with inter-marriage between people of non-Native American Descent (including african). My Paternal Grandmother, who is Spanish, Portuguese and Native American from New Mexico also tested for 2% African on her DNAprint test. I think it's important to look at the historical information regarding your ethnic heritage and use it in addition with your DNAprint test. If you have a heritage that has a history with interaction between certain geographically located groups of people, and you come up with some mixture of the ethnic origin of those groups, than it is highly likely that the results are valid. In my case, the 2% is most likely indication of African ancestors.
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