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Y-DNA Matches with potential distant cousin - Question, Adoption, Direction, Geneal.

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  • Y-DNA Matches with potential distant cousin - Question, Adoption, Direction, Geneal.

    So. Before I start I know upgrading to family finder and 111 markers would benefit, but can't right now....""sigh"". I tested on 37 markers currently and that is it. REALLY - want family finder.

    Now - My father was adopted. I have found his biological mother, received adoption records, and know of 4 potential fathers. She maintains it is a certain one.

    Now - just so happens. IF she is correct, then a potential 5th cousin 1 time removed tested on FamilyTreeDNA. Out of 25 markers we miss 3. A GD of 3. The markers missed are DYS388, DYS448, and DYS449. All missed markers are within 1 number off.

    So - A common ancestor would be my 5th great GF & the potential cousins 4th Great GF. One question centers around mutation rates and if these certain markers are seen to mutate faster than the others???? Another question/assumption is shouldn't the Y-DNA sequence be the same for both myself and the cousin? (not factoring mutation) since we come from a common male ancestor....potentially.

    Some Thoughts:

    Would it do good to have my father tested to see of any mutations between us?

    On another note I have a match on 37 markers with a GD of 1 from a totally different person, who lives in the county next to me, who I have attempted to contact, but can't get a hold of, and yeah its a touchy situation. I am wondering what this could mean and if anyone had any comments or suggestions.



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    Your Y-DNA--- as you have already stated the more markers you do the better. 37 could still be far away from a close match since you have no paper to connect to 37 marker. When you get the chance up your Y-DNA to 67-111. -- Your father's and your Y-DNA should be pretty close but its possible you got 1 or 2 mutations off from your father. For what you want to accomplish your Y-DNA will be good enough and will be close to your father's. Your best bet is to just up your Y-DNA when you can and have your father do family finder before you test for family finder.


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      The fact that you have a closer match with a completely different person unrelated to this potential cousin, says to me that it's likely the "father" is the wrong one.

      Do you at least have the last name of this GD 1 match?


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        It's very likely that the 22/25 match you mentioned is not related to you at all, at least in the paternal line. According to FTDNA's FAQ on relatedness - at - a 22/25 match is regarded as "Only Possibly Related."

        It's more likely that the 36/37 match is the line you're looking for. According to the same FAQ page I linked to, that level of matching is "Tightly Related."