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    Originally posted by ragnar View Post
    Well if they wanted to keep their ethnic results private, then they wouldn't have posted a tree including ethnic locations, so I don't think that is it... I am slowly plowing my way through the other matches & so far no one else's has looked like that.
    People don't always think their way through things and stop sort. Also it might be something like a religion or some thing other that might catch them off guard. Plus what Tomcat is writing might be the right explanation I would not focus on it. When I first got my Ancestry results i hoped to see some prof of Native American ancestry and was looking at my matches hoping to see prof there. Some of my first matches had 100% other and I first asked them and got no reply than called Ancestry and they said "other" could be used for privacy purposes. Also reading at 23andme some blacks are having a hard time contacting people so maybe they fell like they need to hide to get answers I know I would.
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