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    What can I do with phased data?

    I have my parents kits now, and I generated phased data 2 days ago at but it doesn’t seem to work in any of the searches or analysis.

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    I can think of no reason why your phased data should not be working.
    Are you getting to the stage of new gedmatch numbers being generated? Like Pxxxxxx and Mxxxxxx
    You should be able to use it in the admixture utilities.
    I would contact them directly as I know they recently upgraded their servers so maybe it has some bugs? I have had no previous issues with phasing data.

    For those who do not know what phasing data is:
    If you have autosomal data from a parent you can upload your parents
    and your own to gedmatch under the phasing utility. This in effect separates the data into paternal and maternal. These in turn can be run through admixture utilities.


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      Does anyone know how to contact I dont see any contact information or system administrator.

      I've tried PHxxxxxP1 and PHxxxxxM1 (like the site says)
      and PxxxxxP1 and PxxxxxM1 (someone told me to try)
      and Pxxxxx and Mxxxxx (someone else told me to try)

      I re-phased again yesterday (both times it went through to the end)
      I've waited the 24hrs but still not getting it to work...

      I get "kit not found" in the admix utilities
      and "mysql_connect ERROR (10)" in the compare raw data utility


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        Is there any benefit using both parents to generate phased data instead of using just 1? If you have data for both parents is there even a need for phased data?


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          Is there any benefit using both parents to generate phased data instead of using just 1? If you have data for both parents is there even a need for phased data?
          None that I can think off. There are many benfits for having both parents tests but phasing is probably not one of them. That is , one parent will do.

          It is hard to tell why you should have been having trouble doing this. My guess is a web browser issue. Try using Chrome or an alternative Browser and turning off any antivirus program.
          I forgot the gentlemans name who runs Gedmatch-Olson or James Olson comes to mind but I cannot recall for sure. I know he appears frequently in threads on 23andme. He may be on here as well.Perhaps start a new thread asking for his name and email?


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            There is an email listed in their policy agreement statement.

            Anybody wishing to have their data removed from the GEDmatch database may do so by submitting their request to the GEDmatch administrator at [email protected] Gmail.Com. GEDmatch administrators may remove any data from the database, for any reason, at any time, either with or without notice. Any or all services at GEDmatch.Com may be terminated at any time, without notice, for any reason, at the sole discretion of the GEDmatch administrators.


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              Using the triangulation utility does not open up your email any further than giving gedmatch your email to begin with does. They do make the ISP an image rather than text so that it can't just be extracted and used, so there's that. FWIW, I haven't noticed an increase in spam since I joined gedmatch.


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                I heard back from and I am able to use my phased data.
                For anyone who is confused what the correct file name to use. it's PFxxxxxxP1 or PFxxxxxxM1 for FTDNA, and I'm guessing for 23&me it would be PMxxxxxxP1 and PMxxxxxxM1

                For anyone who is interested in what phased data looks like I have posted an image from one of the admix utilities.
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                  I had myself and my mother tested with the Geno 2.0 - can this be phased - I am not very familiar with this phasing thing?


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                    There has to be adjustments made by various third party web sites like gedmatch to accommodate the geno 2 test. Likely you will just have to check the web site periodically to see when it becomes available for the geno 2 test.
                    This is true of different kinds of analysis like Dr McDonald, James Lick etc