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    I am looking for any ancestors that may be out there. I have a bit of a mystery and cannot find any further information. I know the following, my mother was born in Liberty New York, Sullivan County, 1910, her mother was Ophelia Jane Davis (maiden name), Atkins (married name) Her father was Irving William Atkins, he was born in Pennsylvania. I am looking for ancestors on her side and her mothers side. My mother had brothers and sisters, Hazel May Artkins (sied young form influenza), Russell Vernon Atkins (married Marie May Savage or Swan), Irving William Atkins Jr. (married Edith May Tuttle) Edith Luella Atkins (married Fredrick Bertram Hamilton). I know my grandmother Ophelia Jane Davis's father was named Willard Davis and he was a machine operator from my grandmothers death record. I am looking for anyone either my mothers brothers or sisters or my grandmother. Apparently they all lived in New York either Liberty, or Newburg anyone out there to help?

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    You definately have DNA relatives out there for sure.

    I have had my Maternal Side Done by Family Tree, and I have posted my results in the Surname Projects as well as mitosearch. I like the MitoSearch because it allows me to match people on my Mother's direct mother-line. Women around the world.

    My mother belongs to Helena's Tribe. I haven't found a perfect match yet..but the close ones are very interesting geographically.

    After Uploading your dna results you can go to your new"Home-page" here at Family tree and search for genetic matches. Most people i've seen listed in the projects have an "email-contact available." I have found everybody to be as helpfull as possible. Both participants and Family Tree. i have asked some very simple questions and they always reply.