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Cross-match visualization tools?

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    It dawn on me right after going to bed last night what I was trying to figure out was already figured out and its called Chromosome Browser. LOL


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      There are 2 Chromosome Browsers on GEDmatch.

      The one that links from the main page uses the "5 person" chromosome browser files that you download from FTDNA. By uploading mutlple files, it can display many more than the 5 person limitation that the FTDNA browser has. Theoretically, you could upload all your matches and view them on a single display.

      The other Chromosome Browser is available inside the "one to many" comparison results page. It uses the results from the raw DNA files uploaded by other people. As you said, it won't work if your matches haven't uploaded their files.


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        Yes FTDNA and Gedmatch have chromosome browsers, but each browser shows you only how much of each matches DNA matches yours or kit looking at.

        That is not what is wanted in this case. Want to see how 3 different kits match each other all in one browser.

        In my case have two sibling kits who share a handful of shared matches. These common matches match each sibling at different locations as well as shared locations.

        Currently you have to look at each seperately and compare, eyeball as sjadelson says, in a separate browsers to see locations that that are shared and what is not.

        See pictures in post 10 which shows how each match each other (not how they match 1 person)
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          Basically what it will show (in my case of 2 siblings) how the common match may match up to one of siblings parents if they where tested.

          Sort of like phased data. In my case siblings are in their 70's so testing parents in not an option and currently can not create a phased file (that I know of) from siblings results.


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            prairielad, your spreadsheet works pretty well, and gets 90% of what I needed. Thank you!

            Improvements that would be nice:

            - Color code matching segment locations (and overlapping sections) differently that the individual segments

            - A programmatic method from FTDNA to retrieve this data! I put in three kit #s in the spreadsheet and, presuming that I have permission to see the data, I can retrieve it and import into the spreadsheet.

            - More FTDNA, unrelated to the above, but while it's on my mind: Given a chromosome N and a start/finish range, give me all of my matches that have an overlapping segment of at least K cMs. Probably this would need to be done on-the-fly and require a fair amount of processing power and bandwidth to service all members. GEDMATCH already has this, but of course it's a different matching algorithm, and only works if everyone has uploaded the data there. It's be nice to have an FTDNA version using their proprietary matching algorithm.
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              Anyone know when (say +/- 1Q) FTDNA is going to provide such tools? Would kinda like to know whether I should invest time in my own phasing & painting tools or not. I have seen some comments alluding to autosomal dna tool upgrades... along with reference population and admixture tool upgrades, etc..