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  • One last question

    Re project settings

    Should I have my project administrator settings on Read Only or Limited? I'd like them to have the most info.

    Again, thanks for all your hope.

    Just ordered Family Finder. Now the wait begins!

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    I had originally given limited access or whatever the default is, but have since changed it to read only. The reason was that a project administrator had added my family name to my most distant male ancestor. I was inwardly furious, changed it back and turned off access.

    I am Jewish and that ancestor died before my family adopted my family name in 1809. He did not have a family name. I am hoping to locate relatives who probably adopted different names, and that name would be quite misleading.

    I don't know what other things administrators can change, but if they want to make changes, they should contact me first.

    That's just my opinion. Others might have different opinions.


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      A Two Sided Coin

      I'm the administrator of several projects and I agree, an administrator should never change information on a kit without the kit holders permission. On the other side, I wish I had a dollar for every time a kit holder had asked me to change their e-mail address for them. Without full access that can't be done.


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        Many thanks for the responses but I guess I'm feeling a little dense. The two options to give Project Administrators are Read Only and Limited. I'm not sure how these designations pertain to the administrators. Let me back up a bit: I get my results and join a project. Does the "read only" designation mean the administrator can only read my results and not post them which is not really the point of joining a project, is it? And then "Limited"...what can the administrator do with that re my results.

        Thanks again,


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          The Project Administrator Settings page only affects what the admin can do within your personal myFTDNA account.

          "Limited" allows your project admin(s) to edit certain info in your account, such as your Most Distant Ancestors, Surnames, GEDCOM, and a few other things.

          "Read Only" allows your project admin to view your account, but not edit any of your info.

          Neither setting prevents the admin from displaying your results on the project's website.

          If you click the blue Page Help button while on the project admin settings page, you'll get a complete matrix showing what each level does and doesn't allow. You can also view this matrix in the FAQ: