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  • time of delivery ( Geno 2 )

    Has anyone in the UK ordered the Geno 2 test? And how long did the test kit take to be delivered?

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    Since i am not from the UK I cannot answer the question directly. I know it took 7 days to get to me a kit in New York (once it was reported as being shipped) and an equal amount of days to get to the lab in Huston. I read somewhere that European kits ship from England.

    My main reason for posting is to share my previous testing experience with National Geographic. I think because of the dichotomy of this operation it takes longer to do everything. National geographic sells magazines and gifts. FTDNA does the testing. In a sense National Geographic is a middle man. So anything done at FTDNA has to reported to National Geographic who in turn reports it to you. It took ,what seemed like forever, to do my 12 marker test.
    I expected a long drawn out affair and i knew I would need a lot of patience waiting for results.
    Having said that, my testing,once it arrived, has taken about 7 days to do each portion of the multistep process. Seven days to arrive at the lab. Seven days to isolate the DNA and then to my current step- analysis.
    When it finishes analysis it goes to quaility control and then reporting. So it is moving more quickly than I anticpated.


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      I ordered the kit in the UK on July 25. I have not received it or notice of shipment yet.

      I decided to forget about it as a lost order, but then the charge appeared as "pending" on my credit card account on Nov 5.



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        Ordered mine 28 July. Phoned Nat Geo yesterday and they said it was shipped 7 Nov and confirmation email had been sent. All my details were correct but no email has arrived. $20 for postage... pretty poor service for us outside the US.


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          July 25th? Although it was offered for sale it was clear on the web site that it would not be shipped until mid October.?


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            Kit received today. Was shipped from Manchester M23 9LE.