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Genographic 2.0 vs Other FTDNA Tests

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  • Genographic 2.0 vs Other FTDNA Tests


    I've never had my DNA tested and would like to do so now. I have researched to science and have a basic understanding of Y vs MT vs Autosomal and the differences between genealogy vs anthropolgy. My objectives include personal/family genealogy, population finder and my own anthropology/deepclad interests. I also plan to have a parent and some uncles/aunts tested. If I do a Y-67 or Y-111 and a full MT test, along with the family planner autosomal test (700,000+ SNPs),could someone explain what ADDITIONAL information might I get from the $199 Geno 2.0 test? Instinct tells me that with evolving technology, the latest is always the best. My background is very European and so my contributions to the Genographic research likely won't be too significant. I'm willing to spend some good money but like most don't have an unlimited supply of cash. Should I just skip the Geno 2.0 test or is it offering more? Or maybe I need to take all 4 tests?? Please help!