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Gedmatch not showing match?

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  • Gedmatch not showing match?

    I have uploaded 23andme, FTDNA and decodeme files to Gedmatch. Recently a 5th cousin over at 23andme also uploaded their data, however they do not match at Gedmatch. This is comparing against uploaded 23andme, FTDNA and decodeme files.
    When I enquired, Gedmatch said that it was because the match was across the centromere of chromosome 10.
    The reason I am curious about it is because this match happens to have a location in common in a very remote area of the world!!
    Has anyone else had this happen? I have often found Gedmatch increases a match segment size compared to the predicted range at FTDNA/23andme but this seems to have gone the other way!!
    Does Gedmatch not account for centromeres?

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    It is more likely than not that any given two fifth cousin will not match.