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newbie here...and my head is spinning!

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  • newbie here...and my head is spinning!

    Came out with a R1B1A2-M269. I found one match with a distance of 1 from Ireland. I have only been able to trace back to my gg-grandfather but I have no idea of his heritage. The SNP map seems to show a concentration of the United Kingdom.

    I'm trying to find if there is anybody in this forum in the same group with the surname Sells, Sell, etc.


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    Newbie Question

    Have you tried looking at the surnames groups? Or a YDNA group?


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      Haplogroups are shaped like a tree with main branches followed by smaller branches coming off of it. R1b1a2 is a main branch , and as far as FTDNA tests with the initial marker test. At this point your next step depends on what your trying to accomplish with DNA testing. If you want to explore this haplogroup further you have some choices. You could order a deep clade test
      to see where your final branch ends (your subclade). Or you could order individual snp's . With one match from Ireland you might try L21 since 50 % of Irish males have this subclade.