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  • Orcadian adoptee

    Hell-o to all,

    I have tested several mito tests with the last being the "Family finder". I was happy with my results and the info I gleaned from the results....NOW if I could only find close biological kin I would shout it out to the world and tell the rest of you how I did it, lol!

    One interesting facet of my last results proved I was 100 percent ORCADIAN. That means that my lineage is from the ORKNEY ISLANDS off the border of Scotland. The population has never been over 30,000 inhabitants at any given time with the current population being about 16,000. Does this mean if I researched all the names I would eventually find close kin?

    Does being 100 percent ORCADIAN mean that my mother and her mother and her mother and so forth and so on are all ORCADIAN??

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    No, Orcadian is just the reference population used for Northwest Europe.



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      Thanks for clearing that, the site really doesnt explain that Orcadian is simply a reference population for the whole northwestern europe.

      Which makes it frustrating for adoptees who are often trying to narrow one or both sides down to at least a country or ethnic group...and happen to have a lot of European, and British Isles ancestry! Telling me I am 100% Orcadian is just unhelpful (especially when under the Affy I was only 80%)