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  • Family Tree request from Ancestry

    Good afternoon, my name is Patrick Allen Perry, I am an adoptee from and living in Western Kentucky. I was adopted at birth in 1975 through the Commonwealth (State) of Kentucky.

    In 2001, following procedures set by our state law, I petitioned the court system to attempt to make contact with my biological mother, and see if she would consent to the opening of my sealed adoption file. The process took 3-4 times longer that it was supposed to due to delays and incompetence at the state level, nevertheless we received a reply about 2 years later that she denied the request.

    We originally pursued DNA testing in an attempt to find my biological mother. At the time Family Finder was not offered, so we took a similar option in the same $200-300 price range. We did not find anything relevant at that time and after a good bit decided to pursue a third option.

    About a year or two ago, we hired private investigator Linda Cecil, for about $2100, who is known for working for adoptees. Within a week or two, she had the name and location of my biological mother, grandmother, half-siblings, and so forth, everything except my biological father's name who she said we would have to get from the mother.

    I immediately attempted contact with all of them. I met resistance at the outset, communications fell through, and ultimately they rejected further communication.

    I have about 11 matches on both HVR1 & HVR2, and zero matches on yDNA. I regularly check mitosearch, ysearch, and Sorenson, but have no matches that I consider relevant.

    One of the last mtDNA HVR1 & HVR2 matches I received here at FTDNA seems relevant in that my biological mother's mother lived within 30-60 miles of this person's childhood home. He and I made contact, but we're not sure of our common ancestor, I think he has gone back about 4-5 generations. If I am understanding right, and we do have a common ancestor, my belief would be that it is on my mother's side.

    I don't have my family tree to compare to his, except what my grandmother relayed over the telephone before she rudely ended communication. I do know my biological-grandmother's family tree is online, but I do not have access to it at Ancestry_dot_com. I am starting a new business and can't justify joining, plus I used up my free searches before I knew of the family tree.

    It can be found by searching her name "Wanda Holland" (born 1935 in Kentucky), sibling Becky Mercer, and the family tree is named "Armstrong Family Tree". Perhaps if someone has access then can forward me a copy by email to [email protected]

    My Haplogroups, if I remember correctly, are H and E1b1b1.

    My bio-mom's maiden name was Mercer, her mother's name was Holland. The grandmother said the family was originally from Eastern Kentucky (coal mining areas), and Virginia.
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    I'll send you my log on

    Hello! I am Ila and helping my step-mom, evoor search for her adopted parents as well. If you will send me your email addy then I will send you my log-in to and my password. I don't mind you using it anytime! Good luck in your search!!!!!


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      Message to you through this forum


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        Good luck patrick!!!!

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        Good Morning Patrick! I just sent you an email with my log-in information for ancestry. Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything else. Searching for information can be a long and frustrating process, even in your case, where you have already "found" some of the family members. I keep plugging along and hoping that I will find Betsy's soon! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

        Best of luck!