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  • My adoption

    I was conceived in Vietnam during the conflict and my father’s an American service man and Mum was an Australian entertainer anyway she returned home and gave me up for adoption. I found her sixteen years ago and after taking a DNA test I’ve found out most of what she told me was a lie. I feel like I’ve left it to late and Mum isn’t coherent all time it’s the reason why I took the test since the story changed. I’m linked to three family names but I keep hitting blocks I’m almost ready to give up because my biggest cM match knows less about her relatives than I do.

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    Test with as many companies as you can.


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      Upload your results to as many places as you can. Perhaps join DNA detectives facebook group it is a source of good information. Check out the Leeds method to organize your matches. Build out family trees (if matches don't already have them built) Use pedigree triangulation to identify likely common ancestors. Locating a father, particularly in the states where many more people have tested, is very doable.


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        Don't give up. Try to ask for a second opinion on experts so you would have an idea where to start again and to ease the process.