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    I have three matches who are adoptees and none of them are very knowledgeable about DNA; I perhaps have slightly better than a basic understanding.

    A knew who her parents were, B knew who her mother was and I was able to help her identify her father (deceased); C knew who her mother was but the person named as her father in her adoption records was falsely identified since the man named turned up on her match list sharing less that 100 cM of DNA. A and B are double second cousins since their grandparents were brothers who married sisters. I should also point out that A's father was Acadian and her mother English, B is fully Acadian, and C is probably 75% Acadian.
    C shares 322 with A, 208 with B and there is no close connection through the family to C's mother so this suggests to me a 2nd, 2nd once removed or possibly a half 1st cousin relationship
    Now we have D and E; D shares 1000+ with A and is a confirmed first cousin, being a sister of A's biological father; B shares 682 with D and is a confirmed 2nd cousin. E is the son of D and shares 483 with A (confirmed 1st cousin once removed) and 375 with B (confirmed 2nd cousin). C shares 251 with D but only 52 with D's son E. These matches are all on Ancestry but on MyHeritage C has another match who is a confirmed 2nd cousin of A and B and C shares 349 with this person.

    So I'm confused about C's numbers with the mother and son, D and E. Ordinarily, I would have thought E simply inherited more of his maternal grandfather's DNA than his maternal grandmother's but since his relationship with A and B is through his maternal grandmother and their numbers are exactly what they should be, I really don't know what to think.

    Can anyone offer any advice? I would be eternally grateful.

    Kind regards,
    Susan Casey