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New Book, "The Lost Family" by Libby Copeland

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  • New Book, "The Lost Family" by Libby Copeland

    I just purchased this on Audible, and so far it is hitting all the topics that those of us who have perused this forum have been involved with over the years. It is interesting to read the personal examples of so many for whom DNA testing has been life altering. So I would recommend this book just for that sense of shared experience, but it also dives into the technology and history of the DNA testing revolution.

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    I hadn't noticed your comment on "The Lost Family" before I made mine. I picked mine up through Barnes and Noble for my Nook. I totally agree with what you have said.

    I found out recently that the man that I thought was my 2nd great grandfather wasn't. My DNA showed a link through an entirely different line and I had to delete a large number of people from my tree who weren't my great grandfather's family at all.