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Are my Y-DNA results correct?

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  • Are my Y-DNA results correct?

    I have just got my Y-DNA 111 results back but suspect it may be the wrong results sent? Is this possible? My dad was adopted out as a baby (Liverpool, England 1930) and never knew his birth mum and dad. I have had Autosominal DNA test done and through this we have found his mothers family (Shropshire, England) and who his mother was (my grandmother), but so far no luck for his father, although I have got a number of close-ish dna connections (about 50-135cm) on dads father side..
    I was hoping to find his father by doing a Y 111 DNA test, but the results don't seem to be connected in any shape or form with what I know about my grandfather's likely geographic locality (Liverpool England, Shropshire or North Wales) , my dads DNA geographical roots (predominantly N Wales, NW Europe/Scandinavia) or with all the dna links I dad has from the earlier DNA tests.

    In addition, I have been contacted by someone from USA with Y-DNA links to dad who says dad has their surname, but this name does not show in DNA tests with Ancestry and MY Heritage DNA (only very distant and not the same line), although Ancestry and MY Heritage has many commonalities. Also all his family tree back many generations are all from USA and I know my grandfather was from England or Wales??
    So, I am totally lost!!
    Is anyone able to give advice?

    Also y-DNA results says I have no markers at 111, 67, 37 or 25 and only markers at 12, with all having a "0" genetic distance? What does this mean? Does this mean It was a waste of time (and money) getting a 111 test done?

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    Originally posted by John Bottomley View Post
    I know my grandfather was from England or Wales??
    If you don't know who he was how to you know where he was from?

    Originally posted by John Bottomley View Post
    Also y-DNA results says I have no markers at 111, 67, 37 or 25 and only markers at 12, with all having a "0" genetic distance? What does this mean? Does this mean It was a waste of time (and money) getting a 111 test done?
    Do you mean matches rather than markers? Most likely you have some unusual marker values in the 13 -25 markers which keep you from having matches beyond the first 12 markers. Without seeing you marker values we can only guess. Do you have any null values, markers without a value reported?


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      It probably means that there was a single mutation where the multiple value markers reset somewhat recently, or as Jim suggests possibly a null value in your results. I would suggest joining the group for your predicted haplogroup. The volunteer admins there have been studying that branch of the Y tree for longer and may be able to explain why you don't have matches above the 12 marker level.


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        Hi Guys,
        thanks for your help. I have some certainty with regard to dads father geographical region, as I had a DNA test done on MY Heritage which sowed that mother and father were distantly related (5-7 generations back) and so he wouldn't have lived too far away from dads mother, so either n wales, Liverpool or Shropshire area. The autosominal DNA results also point to a strong link to these areas.
        The other thing that makes me suspicious of the results is that it only took less than 2 weeks to get the results, even though within days of the results they posted that my results would take 3-6 weeks and that they wouldn't be ready until mid-end of January to early February. They arrived 22 December.

        Sorry yes I meant matches. I only had matches at marker 12 (153 off) and nothing at 25, 37, 67 or 111. All 12 markers have a genetic distance of 0.

        Sorry I am new to all this and very confused and dont know what to make of it all? I only did the 111 Y-DNA test for one reason and that is to find out about who my grandfather was and maybe any living relatives. I am not in the slightest interest in any other information about what neanderthal line I am from in antiquity!!


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          I am trying to find my Haplogroup R-M269 to join, but cant find it anywhere? Can someone please tell me where I look to join, as I am new to this site. I tried FT Group projects site and inserted R-M269 but got nowhere!!


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            This is your starting point:


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              John Bottomley:
              To join a project for R-M269:
              • When you are logged in to your account, go to "myProjects" in the top menu, and select "Join a Project" from the drop menu.
              • On the resulting page, scroll down to the heading "Y-DNA Haplogroup Projects," and select "R(91)." This link is for all "R" haplogroup projects, and the (91) means there are 91 projects currently within R.
              • Choose the top selection, "R_R1b ALL Subclades." It includes R-M269. The admins will advise you if there is another group you should join.
              R-M269 is a major sub group of R, and is the most common European Y-DNA haplogroup. STR testing, such as 37 or 111 markers, are not meant to refine your haplogroup further; if you wish to further refine your subclade, you can do SNP testing (single SNPs, SNP packs, or Big Y tests). The administrators of a project can best advise you, based on your needs.


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                thank you, I will try that


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                  You might also consider joining the Bottom surname project. Start with KATM's directions, but put Bottom in the search box and click on the 'Search' button. It is a much smaller project and will allow those trying to help you see your results without having to search such a big project.

                  Hover over your name at the top right on any page in your account and click on 'Account Settings' in the drop down menu. On the new page click on the 'Privacy & Sharing' tab. On the new page scroll down to 'Y-DNA Match Levels'. To the right select 'All Levels'. Back to the top of the page and click on the 'Project Preferences' tab. For each project you have joined give 'Limited' access to the admin.

                  As for SNP testing the admins of the 'R_R1b ALL Subclades' will tell you anything other than Big Y is a waste of money.