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Help finding my biological father

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  • Help finding my biological father

    I have found a DNA match to a second male cousin. This narrows my search to 7 siblings. Then for various reasons - I have narrowed it down to 3 siblings. I have then found 5 separate DNA matches of second cousin and 3rd cousins once removed on my potential grandmas side. Does this mean their son is my father? I do not want to approach anyone unless I am certain. I have emerging DNA circles on my great grandmas and great grandfathers family. I have 3rd cousin matches to my grandfathers family also. During my search I discovered that my potential father died in tragic circumstances before I was born. I would like family medical history and t?o see photos. Should I approach my potential Aunts and Uncles

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    The problem of waiting for certainty is the certainty of death. Time diminishes the possibilty of finding those who might know the answer to your question. I have found that it never hurts to ask, especially with the buffer of indirect contact via e-mail.


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      It doesn't hurt to try. You might suggest paying for a DNA test on an uncle to confirm a close relationship and hopefully a Y-DNA match.