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    If you are an adoptee or match an adoptee, you can use surname lists to guide your research. Here are a couple of examples:

    I match a man who is looking for his paternal grandfather because his father was born out of wedlock. Looking at our common matches, I recognized a surname. I told him about it and he said the same name appears on his Y-DNA matches. I searched Rootsweb for that surname, and the same time frame and place as his grandmother, and found dozens of people. I suggested he check the census to see if anyone with that surname lived near his grandmother. Later I got another match with the same surname and I suspect that the two are brothers.

    The second time I matched an adoptee. Looking at the surname lists of our common matches, I suggested a name to him. He said one of his matches had that surname. I recommended that he take a Y-DNA test and to also test at the other companies.

    Now, I never heard back from either man so I don't if they have found success yet, but I'm glad I was able to get them started on the right path.