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    I can't see a way to edit a post that I made at the end of April. At that time I said that I had about 4,000 matches here at FTDNA, and about 67,900 matches at Ancestry. My point was that the data base at Ancestry is very large. I am continually amazed at how rapidly it is growing. It's now the 2nd of June and I have 4,779 matches here at FTDNA and 73,632 matches at Ancestry. Now not all the Ancestry matches have trees or respond to inquiries, however, not all FTDNA matches have trees or respond to inquiries either. I have found though that I am using Ancestry more than FTDNA as it is easier to develop a tree there. If a match at Ancestry has even a few people with dates of birth and places, it is easier to make a shadow tree for the match and see how far I can go up it. I have been able to tell many of my matches where we might be sharing a common ancestor doing this.