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  • Simple advice requested

    I was adopted in Ohio and under the law here was able to get my adoptive birth certificate, and before the man who stated who was my father passed, he gave me some of my adoption pleadings. I have my biological mother's complete name and age. I am interested in learning if she is alive and if she would confirm or correct the story of who my father may be.

    I only have two biological matches beyond one hundred centi's so I don't have a lot of genetic direction.

    I joined the project on my mother's maiden name. What I am asking for is advice on the propriety of asking for information about my biological mother on the forum for that project. I would not state that I was an adoptee but just offer some information about her to see if anyone knows her. Does that violate any unwritten rules about how adoptees should conduct themselves on these public forums? Your insight will be appreciated.

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    The following Facebook group maybe beneficial for you

    They have many members that help with searching and interpreting DNA results for adoptees

    DNA Detectives
    DD Social (sub group of DNA detectives)


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      thanks prairielad