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Ethics of DNA NPE/adoption exposure

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    There's undoubtedly a big difference in reactions of families when the the father was a real philanderer and when a man has one extramarital affair. In the first instance, it's rarely a secret, in the second it often is. There's no shock to the family in the case of a philanderer.


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      Originally posted by ec1970 View Post
      When a close family member got in touch with me for the first time and I prepared them for revealing possibly a family secret, once I told them whom I believe my father was, the reaction was basically that it was not surprising. It is always a little hard to hear that your father was a philanderer, but it makes your existence not as big a shock to your new family. I have been wondering if this phenomenon has become less common in recent years, or if NPE birth rates are still the same today as they have been in past decades. I think even in many marriages, birth control is used when not actively trying to conceive a child.
      I wouldn't be surprised if the NPE rates had dropped due to the need to protect against STD and HIV. The fact that a woman doesn't have to carry a fetus if she doesn't want to may also factor in.


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