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Release form for adopted minors.

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  • Release form for adopted minors.

    Last year my husband and I ordered kits for ourselves mostly just to find out more about our ancestry. This year we ordered kits for our two adopted minor sons, again just to find out about their ancestry. I want to make sure I'm filling out the release form so that their information stays anonymous. The way I am reading the release, we should skip the first part, but by putting them in the FTDNA data base anonymously would be okay. Is this correct?

    I also want to make sure that when they turn 18 and they want their identity shared they can do that also.

    Thanks for any help.

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    If you want to keep them out of matching database do not sign release form. DNA will be tested but no matches will be shown. When time comes that they or you want to search that aspect (find relatives) one can activate.

    Other option is to enter alias, sign release form and go to match and email settings and set all familY finder matching levels to no. This will remove them from matching database until settings are set back to yes.


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      If you want the results anonymous, but WANT results, including to see matches, then sign the release, leave match and e-mail settings as "Yes", and after kit received by FTDNA, change the name to just initials or a pseudonym.