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Advice Needed for Next Research Steps to Take ... Thank You!

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  • Advice Needed for Next Research Steps to Take ... Thank You!

    I've been on a 40 year quest to find the identities of mother's birth parents. She was born on 27 Jun 1931, and it could have taken place anywhere.

    Her adoptive parents, Frank & Martha (Miller) Dally resided in Elkhart, IN in 1931 and adopted mom (Helen Elizabeth Dally) on June 20, 1932 in Elkhart County, IN. These are the only true known facts I could get from Courts.

    I have contacted the Adoption Record's Specialist within the Indiana Dept. of Vital Stats, Darci Haight, and have sent her ID and consent forms. She informed me that the only way that she could issue an original birth certificate is if the birth mother gave consent, or if she had died. Darci said that if the birth mother died within Indiana, then she would have to get a death certificate.

    Given that the birth mother to my mom would likely be over 100 years old by now, there should be a death certificate somewhere. But if the birth mother died outside Indiana, I am S.O.L.

    Indiana Law changes in July 2018 so that I can get the original birth certificate, but just in case that both of her biological parents are not listed, and/or if her mother/father gave false names, I am trying to navigate the DNA route.

    Through GEDmatch, I have found 4 people who "match" (30 to 35cMs on Chromosome 12) me in the 3rd to 4th cousin range, and I discovered that our Common Ancestor is "John Doss BORING", born 1799, TN. The man had 13 kids! These 4 people have provided their family trees to me, and I have found none of their relatives living in northern Indiana in 1931.

    So, is it a safe assumption that at least one of mom's birth parents descends from one of John's children? (I've already eliminated my father's possible connection to John BORING.) At this point in researching John Boring, I have found that the vast majority of the descendants of his 13 kids lived (or live) in TN or in TX; no connection to Indiana.

    My "working theory" is that my mom has a biological connection to John Boring via her parents, grandparents, and her great grandparents. Does this make sense based upon the facts I have given?

    My Research Question for You Good People is: What are my next "research steps" needed to narrow down the identities of theses particular descendants of John Boring? (I am expecting and Me&23 DNA results to arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.)

    Thank you! ...Dr. Frank "Mike" Davis, Cincinnati, OH

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    Through DNA I found out that my Grandmother had given a son up for adoption in San Antonio in 1928. They adopted him out to a couple that lived in San Antonio. I would stay focused on Indiana and very close to Elkhart.