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  • Need help interpreting results

    Our father b 1911 to unknown father though there were hints he may have been an Arsenault. We have had our newphew's Y111 done with all matches Arsenault or suspected Arsenault and we are awaiting results of R-B210. Myself and two sisters have had FF done each having several matches who are either Arsenault from PEI or have Arsenault from PEI in their family. As a point of interest, we have no known connection to anyone in PEI.

    There are at least six such individuals who match all three of us in the 150-200 cM range plus others who match in the 100-150 cM range. Three of the six match all three of us on the X at 15/23/27 cM in the same range (overlapping between 91638757 - 114974394). Gedcoms place these three as 2nd cousins once removed 2nd cousins twice removed or third cousins from each other and I have plotted a common ancestor for the three on the X. Should I be able to work my way forward from this common ancestor to come up with possible males who could be the mysterious paternal grandfather?

    Hope my explanation isn't too confusing. Appreciate any advice.

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    Please ignore the issue of X matches. In your case, your father chromosome X came entirely from his mother.

    I would like to suggest that you get in touch with those who are interested in the genealogy of the Arsenault family. Their men (one of them is enough) that are closest to you in the FamilyFinder would need to have a Y-DNA111 or at least Y-DNA67 test. And if they closely match your nephew, you've got your family.

    Mr. W

    I have no idea how that family reacts. This is where DNA does not help anymore.