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Do you want/need an Adoption search assitant?

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  • Do you want/need an Adoption search assitant?

    Hi, My name is Scott and I am an adoptee that successfully utilized DNA testing along with traditional search methodology to determine the identity of my biological parents in 2015, and subsequently assisted two other individuals in their searches that were both successful. I am neither an expert nor a professional in the field of DNA, genealogy, or in locating people, However I have been successful at each, and very much enjoy it as a hobby. That being said, and having recently concluded a successful search, I am now looking for someone else to assist in their search. I only work with one or two adoptees at a time with their searches, so I am exceedingly narrow minded in whom I choose to assist.

    As you would suspect, Adoptees are as diverse as the population at large, and when it comes to searching for biological relatives, I encounter a wide range of attitudes and work ethic that vary from merely curious and nonchalant at one end of the spectrum, to totally committed and sincere at the other end. It is this latter group that I choose to work with on their searches. Anyone wanting my assistance must be agreeable to the following.

    I am totally and completely committed to the search for my biological relatives and will continue my search efforts until I am successful, or have exhausted every available resource and strategy.

    I was born and adopted in the United States of America. (sorry, but international adoptions are outside the scope of my abilities at this time)

    I have carefully considered the myriad of psychological and emotional aspects of the search, as it applies to myself, my adoptive parents and the biological relatives I may eventually make contact with.

    I have an accurate estimation of the financial requirements for conducting a DNA based search, and understand that it will take a sizable and significant financial commitment on my part for my search to have the best chance of success.

    I have tested, or will test at all three companies by purchasing the following kits and services: U.S. Discovery membership = $99 every six months
    Ancestry DNA Test kit = $99 but can often be found on sale throughout the year for $10 to $20 less.
    ftDNA Family Finder kit = $79
    23andMe DNA Ancestry Test Kit = $99

    Then, if you are a male:

    ftDNA Y-67 Marker DNA Test Kit = $268
    or preferably..
    ftDNA Y-111 Marker DNA Test Kit = $359

    I can dedicate a minimum of 14 hours a week to my search efforts, but hope to dedicate much more.

    I am willing to follow and read numerous forums, message boards and websites in order to educate myself and stay informed about DNA based searches.

    I am an outstanding communicator and will make every effort to respond to any communication within 24 hours.

    I am willing to routinely discuss all aspects of my search thru phone calls, emails and texts in a transparent and accurate manner.

    I am willing to provide my search assistant with my log in and password information for all three testing sites (greatly preferred), or as an alternative and at a minimum, be willing and able to provide detailed screen shots from those sites to my search assistant.

    I have no objection to working with a white male conservative Christian as my search assistant.

    I was born between the year 1960 and 1980 (exceptions can be made in this regard, but I am best equipped to help folks within that range)

    If you are in complete agreement with that which is listed above, and you have, or will test at each of the three companies listed above, and genuinely want or need an assistant to help you with your search, then please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss the particulars of your search and make a mutual determination whether or not we wish to work together. As I mentioned earlier, I only work with one or two people at a time, and I will work with you until your search is resolved. What do I charge for this service? NOTHING! I have a full time job in a field that is totally unrelated to genealogy or DNA research that pays my bills. I help people with their searches because I like it and think it’s fun! But… you must be committed to the cause, and willing to take ownership of your own search. I’m not going to do it for you, but I will help in any capacity that I can

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    I sent you a private message..


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      momof3, I got your message and replied back to you with my email.

      I am currently booked up helping a couple of people with their searches, but will post back when I can take on another search.


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        Adoptee and birth parent search groups, Family members too.

        There are search and support groups on Yahoo.

        The registry is one that helps with all the states and can guide people to the right places for international too. is a yahoo group for NY folks. We are able to help with all the states too.

        Just fyi, NJ adoptees can now get their original birth cert.

        On fb we have Adoptee Central. We have the laws for all the states and international too.

        Many of the searchers (search angels) are on most of the groups. Some groups are for a specific state. We network and send people to the appropriate groups.