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Twist on matching DNA

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  • Twist on matching DNA

    I’m looking to identify my grandmother’s birth family. She was adopted in 1907 before government adoptions. My mother has an autosomal match in Gedmatch with a woman of total cM 137, longest 31 and generation distance of 3.4 We have found the matches great grandfather in the 1906 census living with his younger sister and a child of one year, which is probably my grandmother. Could we have this type of match if the mother of the child was the sister, and her great grandfather wasn’t the father? Or would her great grandfather have to be the father to have this match? There doesn’t seem to be a registration for the birth to verify parents. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Answered my own question

    With a little research I found a site called: which has many useful resources including a chart that allows you to predict and combine results from different DNA companies. The chart has allowed me to identify the parent of my grandmother.